Our Programs
  • Toddler

    Toddlers learn best by exploring the world around them with all of their senses, this is why child directed play is a key component within the toddler program.

  • Preschool

    Preschool is a busy room full of lots of messy art activities, drama, science and exploration!

  • Senior Preschool

    The small teacher to child ratio in our Senior Preschool program ensures that each child is given a great deal of one on one attention.

  • School Age

    This program offers a wide variety of recreational and educational activities to scaffold the learning of the students in our care.

About First Steps Daycare


At First Steps Daycare (Guelph) Inc. our philosophy is as emergent as our curriculum; our approach to teaching is tailored to each child’s learning and development. Our Educators will provide child-initiated and adult supported experiences, within a positive learning environment. Experiences are supported and fostering children’s exploration, play and inquiry are key components to the quality of our program.

We strive to encourage the children to reach their full potential while in our care by becoming competent, capable, curious individuals, full of potential. We endeavour to create an environment that is welcoming, warm and safe, which will allow each individual child’s unique abilities and interests to flourish. The home-like atmosphere and loving staff at our centre encourage the children to freely express their ideas and to learn at their own pace through carefully constructed hands on active learning opportunities. We encourage the children to interact and communicate in a positive way, while supporting their ability to self-regulate.

At First Steps Daycare (Guelph) Inc. our educators incorporate creative opportunities and nature based experiences into the child’s indoor and outdoor play which will utilize the readily available gifts that Mother Nature has offered us. We provide opportunity in gross motor activities, rest and relaxing time throughout the day giving consideration to individual needs of the children in our care. It is our professional, well-educated and supported staff that document, share and role model their knowledge that facilitates the learning.

We make continuous efforts to be involved in our community, whether its visits with the Grandmas and Grandpas in our local seniors home, or sharing freshly baked cookies with our neighbours, the Guelph Fire Department. We make a continuous effort to build relationships with our community, so we may allow these members to support the children in our care, their families and our staff.

At First Steps Daycare (Guelph) Inc. we strive not only to be a child centred program, but to be family centred as well. We aim to create strong partnerships with parents and caregivers, and encourage them to share their culture, language and experiences with our centre. We believe that families are an integral part of our team and the superb relationships we build with them are reflected in the richness of the programming here at First Steps Daycare (Guelph) Inc.