We had a very exciting summer filled with lots of exciting adventures. From trips to the park, going to the library, or over to the fire station we had lots of fun! Nothing topped our biggest trip of the season to the Toronto Aquarium though. Our school age program boarded the bus and set off for a day of checking out the fish and sea creatures. From petting sting rays to walking through the tunnel under the shark tank there was so much to explore, see and learn about. At the end of the day the children had a wonderful time but were very exhausted. Good thing for the bus ride home, they were able to sneak in a little rest.

Field Trip to the Donkey Sanctuary

This fall we were very pleased that we were able to go to the donkey sanctuary as a group. We took our big school bus there which was very for many of the children. Once there we got to pet some donkeys, learn about taking care of them, hear a story about them and explore what a donkey farm looks like. After a long morning we returned to the daycare for a super yummy lunch.