This year on Halloween October 31st, 2013 we will be heading over to the Elliott Community seniors home for a Halloween parade! The children will dress up in their Halloween costumes and parade for all the grandmas and grandpas. This is something both the children and grandparents enjoy very much. After the parade we stop to chat with the grandparents and sing some Halloween songs together. It is expected to be a very fun-filled and exciting day!



Due to the rainy weather we had to reschedule our visit and costume parade at the Elliott Community seniors home. Instead we had our costume parade over at our friendly neighbours the Magic 106.1 radio station. We were able to wish the listeners on air a Happy Halloween, and show off our awesome costumes to the Magic staff! We also had a celebration back at the First Steps site. We celebrated by having our faces painted, carving and decorating pumpkins, and making and decorating spooky shaped cookies….mmmm were they yummy!