International Mud Day, 2016!


International Mud Day, 2016! We were so pleased the children enjoyed this awesome experience just as much as the staff and parents who participated. We pride ourselves on offering a very natural playground for the children to explore and embrace, our beautiful gardens, which are landscaped in a fashion that is accommodating for children’s play and learning, along with our  sand area boasting a functioning water-pump and mud kitchen equipped with ample untensils, was the perfect place for us to celebrate MUD! Often little wildlife visitors can be found in our outdoor play space, toads, snakes, lots of bugs and birds to name a few, so it was decided. International mud day was coming and all the staff at First Steps Daycare wanted to make it extra special.mud-day2 We asked the parents and our neighbours to help by offering materials and items we could use on the day, it was so nice to see how the community responded. We worked together to provide the children with the full experience  and invited them to really get dirty and explore mud using all their senses. If we take a moment to think back to our own childhoods, most of our special moments and memories are often outside playing in the dirt, by a river or at a cottage. It is very important that we provide opportunities and set out provocations for the children to make their own memorable moments and experiences.

What happened on mud day?

Scarlett painting her mom with mud!

Scarlett painting her mom with mud!

We had lots of activities planned: We set up many tables with pie plates, bowls, cups, pots and pans. We provided a variety of natural materials, that the children were familiar with, such as flowers, pine cones, rocks, and of course lots of dirt and water for them to make their own mud creation! We also had mud throwing and their favourite activity was mud body painting.


Drew, Sarah and Taylor: making mud soup in the sensory bin. Wesley decided to get in the bin and get very muddy and Max enjoy getting his face painted but he somehow kept his white cloth clean!

mud-day5mud-day6mud-day7mud-day8mud-day9Scarlett painting her mom with mud! mud-day10