At First Steps Daycare (Guelph) Inc. we are very proud of the large natural outdoor space that is available for all the children within our care. We believe and understand that children strive in outdoor spaces rich in invitation and investigation opportunities, offering the potential to create, think, solve problems and use their imagination, thus promoting their development, capability and growth. Opportunities are offered for all the children to engage in many outdoor experiences, whether it be; caring and maintaining our beautiful vegetable patch, which the children carefully created, or producing the best mud pies in our mud/sand kitchDaycare-facility-guelph (4)en with well equipped kitchen utensils and a fully operational water pump, the possibilities are endless.

The children are provided with ample loose parts and natural open ended materials. A great example of this was thanks to an ice storm, the children and staff fully embraced the provocation handed to them which left lots of fallen big branches on the ground. With help and assistance from staff the children assisted with cutting the wood into smaller pieces, while other parts were used by the children to build forts, houses, tools, toys and many other amazing creations. Our purposeful outdoor classroom provides an abundance of room for large motor and physical activity in a safe fenced yard that offers views of our surrounding community. We believe whether inside or outside each child deserves the opportunity to flourish, be curious, be competent, and be capable individuals.