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Ages 9-12

In the eldest classroom at School Age, the 9-12 division, children are always eager to learn and explore subjects and topics they participate in at school. It's great to see the children sharing their ideas and passions with their classmates and bonding over mutual interest!


Throughout the day, the children play both inside and out. The center features a large green space out back which is visited by both School Age programs daily. This is a great space to run, play, discover and even rest in nature's tranquility.

A typical day of full day learning in this program would consist of group activities, a trip to the green space, lunch and snack (self-provided), ample time for indoor play and occasional themed days such as Science Day!

Before and after school children tend to take on a 'project', such as woodworking, painting, lego building etc. which they are eager to return to and work on each evening after school. 

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