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Kindergarten-Age 9

In the K-9 division, children continuously discover and expand their natural curiosity. Each day is met with ample activities and opportunities to build communication and teamwork skills as well as practice self-regulation and communication skills. 


A typical full day of learning is full of laughs and lots of fun building on educational foundations pre-established at school and usually at home. A lunch break is taken for the children to dig into their lunch bags and enjoy family-style eating (biding to new protocol). Outdoor time is vital and always a priority but indoor play isn't a rarity!

Our program is emergent and grounded in the interests of each child. Common interests with past groups of children include woodworking, sewing, fort-building, sports and painting, drawing etc. Loose parts are used frequently with full confidence that the children understand the best way to use them; however, we will always encourage new methods of play as they arise. 

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