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Toddler Program

Toddlers learn best by exploring the world around them with all of their senses, this is why child directed play is a key component within the toddler program. In addition the loving toddler staff, like that of preschool, guide the children in the development of social skills, language, self-help skills and fine motor skills (just to name a few) with carefully designed, engaging and age appropriate activities, that are always tremendously fun!


In the toddler program, children are encouraged to explore the beauty in everything. Through a child's eyes, wonder is limitless and our ambition as educators is to provide those visual and physical opportunities. A multitude of tools are used to expose the children to the many wonders of everyday objects that hide in plain sight. Light reflecting off a prism that projects dancing colours on the ceiling is just one example. In these instances, we not only take the opportunity to allow the children to observe but to learn.

The toddler division provides growth-centered care for children ages 15-30 months. The way young children learn is primarily through exploration; the toddler program at First Steps Early Learning Center is highly molded around this premise. 

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